It’s time to Live Lengthened


We put our bodies through some serious stuff. Whether it is sitting at a desk all day or the intense boutique fitness workouts you love it can take a toll. It’s time for some balance.


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Stephen Cornely, an expert in optimal human movement at Triad Wellness Philly and Stephanie Luongo, founder of Sculpt360 are teaming up to bring you Recover360 - 25 and 50 minute dynamic one on one stretch sessions.


The benefits of dynamic stretching


Increase range of motion & flexibility

A proper stretching routine over time will increase your range of motion and flexibility – making everyday tasks easier and improving your quality of life.

Improve sports performance

Increases in flexibility and proper balance in the body will lower risk of injury and recovery time.

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Improve posture

Proper alignment and balance through stretching improves your overall posture especially as we live on our phones and computers.

Reduce muscle & joint pain

Stretching help to alleviate muscle tension reducing pain in sore areas and reduces joint pain. Stretching routines also help in injury and pain prevention.